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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that develops the quality and quantity of website traffic with the help of organic search engine and increases the visibility of your website or website page. The searching results like video search, image search, news search, academic search etc are related with Search Engine Optimization. This technique is used to increase the visitors of your website through the search result page of search engine like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc.
Search Engine Optimization helps to optimizing your website by adding contents, editing contents, adding the specific keywords of the contents, customizing HTML. It is promoting your site by optimizing inbound links, external links and internal links.
SEO helps to crawling all web pages by linked to a website. It indexing and identifying the perfect keywords for writing best contents.

Why Choose Our Leelija SEO Experts?

Our social media marketing expert can help you to increase and explore your business and also will help you to grow your brand. Here our experts give you enough and regular time to selling and buying any products. Using social media, our experts help to boost your business site SEO. Give you comfortable customer service and build a strong, trusty relationship with you. can clear your much confusion, understanding the reader’s problems we try to solve this. We are eager to build long lasting relationship with readers, audiences, bloggers, researchers, and community leaders.

LeeLija Focus On:

  • Website Analysis

  • Social Engagement

  • Link Building

  • Keywords Research and Development

  • On Site Optimization

  • Local SEO

Website Analysis

Analysis visible text, keywords, codes for well position in search engine results. Examine the content keywords and ranking of the keywords by search engine positioning. Pick the top five results in the Google search results and begin to write. SEO analyze who is your visiting website, helps to get the information of other brands and social insights. SEO can identify the question that is much more important and there are much more tools to provide common questions. It also helps you to find out top ranking keywords.

Social Engagement

Engage with customer is a crucial part to improve any services. With the help of Search Engine Optimization you will be better position to engage with your customers. When the customers are able to see others customers opinions, likes, comments, dislikes then they can feel more interesting and like your site. This can helps you to boost your site. Social engagement helps your business website rankings and it also helps you to growing strong community with the customers. The social activity leads the of website traffic and content views.

Social Engagement

Link Building

Link building is the simple process of build link on other sites and getting a link. Link building increases the site authority and traffic. Backlink is important to site rankings and keywords ranking. Link building is important because of it is major facts to Google rank web pages. It builds the trust and authority of the linking pages, anchor text of the incoming links. Creating unique and high quality informative content that people love to read and share with others, naturally add in this content internal link that help to build site links.

Keywords Research and Development

Keywords Research and Development

Keyword research is the practice of recognizing what types of phrases are used in search engine optimization and what are ranking in search volumes. Keywords research are important because, to build website and developing content. So, we should list the identifying keywords and review the keywords. Always notice and investigate the recent search engines and how many websites are playing vital role for each keyword. Identify the phases, plurals, spelling mistake, singular etc because Google corrects the term when you are searching.

On Site Optimization

Create keyword based page title that helps to display your page themes and directions. Create Meta tags, Meta description tags that can directly influence on your ranking. The selected keywords, content and links of your website can gain the popularity and ranking numbers. Make your site search engine easy index so your website can develop. Submit URL to the major search engines for better and faster way to get links naturally for your site. You should submit your URL on other social sites for getting index quickly.

On Site Optimization

Local SEO

Multi- location and small companies can grow their business and attract more audiences and customers using the local SEO strategy. Local SEO is very effective to make your business online and it helps business to promote of its products and services to the local customers on online. It is easier to make your business online using the local SEO tools. Google helps to getting local customers who are searching the shops, restaurant or business near them. Local business needs improvement of their website traffic.

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