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What is WordPress Development?

WordPress is the most popular CMC or content management system on the web. It is a PHP and MySQL based framework. It becomes so successful that it takes over all the other CMS frameworks.

34% of the website on the web world is now using WordPress t hat is huge number. At the beginning it was introduced for blogging. But now people are using this CMS framework for all kinds of website. From a blogger to a complex e-commerce system. There is no near alternative of WordPress.

It is so successful because of it extreme easy dashboard. We need actually no programming knowledge to create a beautiful website for our business or blogging.

Before WordPress or before WordPress was popular, to create a website was a huge headache. We must have knowledge of we design and web development.

We need to know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery languages for client site design or our webs design.

Also, with it we need to know server site languages like PHP, Python, .net, Java etc.
But WordPress provides us to design our own website without having single line knowledge about programming.

On the WordPress dashboard we get hundreds of beautiful themes. We may choose any of those and make our website like a professional one.

Not only themes also extremely useful plugins and very useful to use develop.

LeeLija Focus On:

  • Fully Customized Template

  • Custom Dashboard

  • Custom Plugin

  • SEO Friendly Themes

  • Responsive Design

  • WooCommerce

Fully Customized Template

We provide professional web design for your website. A well design, well structure and eye catching website is very important for any business. And we do not compromise anything on it.

Custom Dashboard

We do provide custom dashboard for our clients. It helps to maintain the website very easily. Our new options and section helps to create more beautiful and dynamic website.

Custom Dashboard

Custom Plugin

We provide custom plugin as per your requirements. And our themes have many useful functions so you do not need to install plugins for those cool features.

SEO Friendly Themes

SEO Friendly Themes

We provide fully SEO friendly themes. You have no headache for on-page SEO.

Responsive Design

Now a days maximum peoples used smartphone and they are browsing website via smartphone so responsive is so important.

Responsive Design


We provide WooCommerce plugins to run your e-commerce business more effectively. We do customized the products sections and make it a professional e-commerce website.

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