How Social Media Networks Benefit Your Business?



  • According to facebook marketing company, more than 1 thousand 6 hundred million Facebook users of this world are already connected to a business on Facebook
  • Users are very much fond of watching Facebook videos on android phones daily. It will help facebook marketing company to grow.
  • Facebook advertisements are generated $17.65 billion in total cost at the end of 2019
  • More than 66% of Facebook users are saying that they Like or Follow a particular brand on Facebook.


  • 80% of Twitter users are saying that they like to use this network for their social marketing strategy as well as to get notified of what’s new around us.
  • Users are reported that they like to watch Twitter ads. Using Twitter is one of the best social media strategy for small business.
  • Twitter commended with 9% growth in revenue for the last few months of 2019 which translates to 824 million dollars.
  • Twitter’s website increased traffic up to 6% every year
  • Twitter users watch 2 billion videos in a day


  • 0.5 billion Instagram users stated that they always check IG Stories and Explore every month.
  • Around 92% of users say that they followed many Instagram stores and visit their website to purchase products on Instagram. Make sure you choose the genuine business accompany.
  • After watching Instagram Stories 62% of users become more enthusiastic about a brand. It will help in digital and social media marketing very well.
  • In the USA 11% of social media users shop on Instagram.
  • More than 130 million users of Instagram check shopping posts on this platform per month.


  • No doubt LinkedIn is almost 277% effective in leads generating.
  • Users are reported that they like to watch Twitter ads. Using Twitter is one of the best social media strategy for small business.
  • Twitter commended with 9% growth in revenue for the last few months of 2019 which translates to 824 million dollars.
  • Twitter’s website increased traffic up to 6% every year
  • Twitter users watch 2 billion videos in a day


  • 77% of daily users say that they have got a new product or a brand by using this amazing social platform.
  • More than 83% of users stated they buy brands based on content
  • Advertisers generate extra returns on their advertisements on this social network.
  • According to 48% of Pinners, social marketing strategy is the reason for their use. Also, shopping is their main priority on Pinterest.
  • Every year the revenue from Pinterest shopping ads has increased very well.

Our Social Media Marketing Management Plans

We have discussed above how social media platforms can help your business with the best social media marketing strategy. And our digital marketing team help you with that. Leelija Web Solution provides you the best social marketing strategy for your brands that helps you to broaden your digital and social media marketing strategy. Our social media marketing agency for small business offers flexible and custom social media marketing ideas and plans that you can choose from.

Management Fees

Management Fees

Our social media marketing management team charge on average $500 to $1000 per month. This price is completely based on how many posts we are managing for you. One thing you need to note that our fee is only for the services that perform on your behalf. So you have to bear the other expenditure like paid ads on social networking platforms. We have an experienced and well-trained social influencer marketing expert who will run all things and continually reported you. It will save your time and money, also allow you to concentrate on other important work for your business.

Setup Fees

We demand a one-time setup fee from our clients. We charge $150 which is associated with our social media management service. This fee will be compensated to set up your campaign for the business. It includes monitoring software, systems of social media, and other necessary advertising, and media pages.

Setup Fees

Our Social Media Management Services Include

Social Media Management Expert

Manual outreach on 100% real sites ranking in Google

Ad Maintenance Manager

Choose between Domain Authority or Publisher Traffic

Short term Agreements

7-day turnaround time guaranteed for your Guest Post

24/7 Monitoring

Reseller friendly white-label reports to share with your clients

For best outreach services

Benefits of Choosing Leelija

Attract Your Audience

We provide high-quality social media consultancy marketing services through which you can attract your audience. We help you to get tangible results from our services.

More Trust and Authority

Leelija is one of the best marketing company. We improve your brand using our best social media marketing services. Our social media experts help you to establish your business objectives.

Transparent Reporting

We detect and record every reports of your brand to find out your clients’ thoughts. Our experts will regularly report you with the current updates of your website.

More Leads

Our company is quite efficient to generate leads for your website. Our experts have much ability to increase the quality traffic in your business in a short time.

Engage Your Audience

Social media is a huge platform to grow your online business. At Leelija our social media experts make this platform a highly effective to engage and communicate with your target audience.

Contact Us 24/7

Leelija is 24/7 available at your brand service. We took our promises to give our clients best results. You can easily contact us through chats, phone calls, emails, Skype.

Frequently Asked Questions On SEO Services:

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  • Why social media is so important?

    Social media has become one of the better part of our life,today it has huge impact on our daily life.Not only spending times with friends on social media platform it also give us an impactful opportunity to broaden our channels through which we can reach, nurture, and engage with our targeted audience no matter where are they from. If your business can use social platforms to connect with customers, then it can use social media to create brand awareness among all. Using social media for marketing is very important.

  • What is social media used for in today's society?

    In today's society, social media has become necessary as our daily activity. It is mainly used for social interaction. Also, you can access news, various information, and use for business purpose. It is very valuable for communication across the world.One can also do local social media marketing

  • Is social media good or bad?

    This answer will depend on you how you are using social media in a positive or negative way! Social media is a very good option for broadening your business. It will help you to grow your brand and services. Social marketing companies know the real value of using such platforms for their business.

  • What is a social media marketing strategy?

    Every business company needs a plan or design for their social marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy will help you to summarize and plan everything for your business

  • How do you create social media strategy?

    Choose a marketing goal that could connect to your business objectives. Research everything about your audience. Keep an eye on your competitors, find your inspiration, and then apply and adjust your strategy.

  • Why do you need a social media strategy?

    As we all know without a strategy you are unable to fulfill your desired business. So without a social media marketing strategy, you are wasting your business resources. It can be a long-term process, so you need to follow a plan.

  • Will blogging help SEO?

    Social media can help you create a strong and organic presence. Also, help to gain a reputation for excellence in the business field. Your overall business and marketing goals will be fulfilled if you are using social media for marketing.

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